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Composite fillings

Most people have fillings of one sort or another but today, because we are much more conscious of our smile, we can choose a natural-looking alternative – the composite or tooth-colored filling.

What are composite fillings made from?

White fillings are made from composite resin. This is a tooth-colored plastic mixture filled with glass (silicon dioxide) first introduced in the 1960s. Originally only used for front teeth because of their softer nature, modern improvements to their composition make them generically suitable today.

What are the advantages of composite fillings?

The main advantage of composite fillings is their aesthetic appeal. The colour of the filling can be matched perfectly to the natural colour of your tooth, and modern composite fillings now have a life expectancy that is just as long as traditional amalgam fillings.

Another advantage of composite white fillings is that the composite material bonds or adheres to the tooth, which can in the long term reinforce the overall strength of the tooth. This means that cracks in the tooth may be less likely to occur over the life of the tooth, a side effect which is normally associated with all fillings the longer they are in place.

Composite Filling Treatment

Composite fillings are a little more difficult to place than silver fillings so may take your dentist 15-20 minutes longer to complete the filling and because they are generally considered to be a cosmetic treatment, they are mostly unavailable on the NHS and will be provided as a private treatment.

For information about the cost of composite fillings, please see our Treatment Prices 

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