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Dental splints are devices made specifically for you to help with the problem of teeth grinding or teeth clenching. With modern busy lives, it is becoming increasingly common for patients to clench or grind their teeth at work, home or in their sleep, and if left unaddressed can cause headaches, facial pain and stress on the teeth. Grinding or clenching is often difficult for patients to recognise themselves, especially if it is happening in their sleep, and patients may only become aware of it if they develop symptoms such as headaches, aches around the jaw joints or suffer chipped teeth, which are all common ways of teeth grinding or clenching exhibiting itself.

How are Dental Splints Made?

A dental splint is made by taking an impression of your mouth and jaw which is then sent away to the dental lab for the device to made. As such, the splint will fit your mouth perfectly. Splints can made from a range of materials and constructions depending on the nature and severity of the problem.

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