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Tooth Wear

There are three types of tooth wear – abrasion, attrition and erosion. Each of these types of tooth wear is becoming an increasingly common problem seen by dentists today.

Below is a brief explanation of each type of tooth wear:


Abrasion is wear of the teeth caused by excess rubbing of the teeth, either from brushing too hard or from having crowns opposing and scraping against natural teeth


Attrition is strain and stress on teeth mainly caused through clenching and grinding, and can often be linked to a stressful lifestyle.


Erosion is wear caused by acid in any form. Acid can come foods and drinks like fruits, juices, sweets, fizzy drinks and alcohol, but can also be caused by stomach acid problems such as reflux.


The increase in tooth wear can to some extent be explained by the fact that, on the whole, we are keeping our teeth for longer than would have been the case in past through better teeth brushing routines and modern dental products. This is certainly welcome, but it can make restoration of teeth with wear difficult. All types of wear can make teeth sensitive and change their appearance.

The treatment options for tooth wear can range from the use of specific types of toothpastes to help strengthen the teeth which would resist further wear, through to the placement of fillings, crowns and veneers to restore and change the appearance of worn teeth.

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